A Review of the 2019 Mora x Madiran Grand Tasting from a Newbie and Why YOU Should Attend the Next One in April 2020!

A Review of the 2019 Mora x Madiran Grand Tasting from a Newbie and Why YOU Should Attend the Next One in April 2020!

Let’s face it, it feels like there are a million different wines out there. Different grapes, different regions, different barrels, different soil, different aging techniques. It’s a little overwhelming. You could drink a different wine every day for the rest of your life and not make a dent in the vast world of wine. If you are anything like me, that’s frustrating. I wouldn’t say i’m a wine connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination but I do enjoy a glass with dinner or when i’m trying to relax. I also love the history and science behind it. I am the kind of person who likes to soak up as much information about something  so I can hold a conversation with friends, family and customers.

I recognized my knowledge of wine grow exponentially by spending my weekends attending free wine tastings at my local wine shops. A sip here and there, a little explanation of what i was drinking from the rep and it all started to click. I realized what wines i enjoyed and what wines I really needed to learn more about before i made a decision. As much as i loved learning about grape varietals and blends, old vines and some of the oldest vineyards in the world. I wanted more, the 3-5 wines i would try on the weekend were just not enough for me. I thought to myself, ” I want to know more about this wine, but i’m not going to buy a whole bottle if i dont know if i’ll like it” or “I know what’s going to happen, i’m going to try it, not like it, and then its going to sit on the counter until i get sick of it and dump it down the drain”.

Searching for solutions i decided to join some local groups. People who were just as curious, if not more than i was about the world of wine. We would meet at a person’s house, or at a restaurant that would allow us to bring our own bottles and we would be able to try 8-10 different bottles in a matter of hours. I felt like i was making some serious progress while making friends at the same time. I loved these interactions because it wasn’t one person sampling all of their own wines that they were trying to sell but it was wines from all different vineyards, years, and varietals.

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I found the answer i was looking for in Mora’s x Madiran Grand Tasting in the Fall of 2019. It seemed like it was too good to be true. Over 80 wines from 18+ suppliers and reps readily available to answer any question i may have for 3 hours. I was greeted by the owners of Mora’s Fine Wines & Spirits at the door. They handed me a folder with all of the tasting information and paperwork in it and then handed me a glass of sweet vermouth and a lemon peel that was to die for.  The progress that i had made in a couple of months was vastly overshadowed by the knowledge i gained in those 3 hours. Not only was I sampling wines, i was given a catalog that broke down exactly what grape was in each wine and a review from some of the biggest sources such as “Wine Advocate” “James Suckling” and many more. I didn’t have to go into the tasting blindly and see if i could find what the sales rep was talking about while i drank my sample. I would read about what some of the reviewers tasted and go into the next sip having an idea of what to expect. What better way to spend an afternoon. I was surrounded by nothing but smiling faces of people who were with their friends, family, and coworkers. The wines were fantastic. From California, to Oregon and Long Island , and then all of the way around the world. Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, and South America. I was astounded!  I learned about how climate and altitude effect the taste of a grape. There were raffles that gave some lucky winners a chance to have a couple months free in the Mora’s Monthly Wine Club which also involved a quick summary of what wines they were given. All the while i ate some fantastic food provided by Madiran that would have been worth the $48.88 ticket cost. Cured meats, cheeses, breads, vegetables and more were passed around to “cleanse your palate” but by the end of it , the food was so darn good, i caught myself using the whole “palate cleansing” term as an excuse to eat more.

Leaving that event, i had a whole new outlook on wine. Hearing about the specific details of what goes into making a single bottle made me appreciate it so much more. One of the reps told me “Some people spend thousands of dollars traveling the world, when they could have popped open a bottle and traveled from the comfort of their own home.” and i totally understood what he was talking about. I could taste the difference in the wines, and realized why. I caught myself reading the backs of the bottles i purchased that day, soaking up information about where it was from and what was in it. The catalog had an order sheet with an average discount of 15% on the wines i wanted. If i was going to stock my wine cellar or fridge, i was going to do it now. I even got to enjoy wines that were completely out of my price range. Wines i couldn’t see myself buying at the time. I enjoyed them and made a list of the once i would purchase first if i was ever going to “treat myself”.

I would recommend anyone that wants to “get into wine” or learn more about it, attend these tastings. It is knowledge that will never leave you. If you are as impatient as i am, you will benefit from an event like this. Even if you feel like you are an expert when it comes to wine, it will never hurt to have some meaningful conversation with some of the reps to polish your knowledge and try something that you wrote off years ago. You’ll never know what may surprise you. Whether you want to learn for your own personal benefit or you want to impress your friends, it is a great place to obtain the basic and expert knowledge you are looking for. All the while making friends that could last a lifetime.

Buy your tickets for the Spring Fling on April 4th, 2020 @ www.moraswines.com