Bacalhoa Moscatel del Setubal 2003 Portugese dessert wine 750 mL



Content: Produced entirely from Moscatel Roxo grapes, from a single harvest, from certified vineyards and planted on the slopes of Arrábida mountain range, DO Setúbal Demarcated Region. In the 2003 harvest, on the 3rd of September, these grapes were harvested, which in this terroir always ripen at an early age. The winemaking technology used was the one traditionally used in the DO Setúbal wines of this Region: after a short fermentation of the must in contact with the films, selected wine brandy was added which, by stopping the fermentation, allowed the preservation of an original sweetness of the grapes. grape. The wine was kept in winter in contact with the films and then bled, and the masses pressed. This was followed by a 10-year apprenticeship in 200 liter oak barrels served with whiskey, in a special warehouse where there are large thermal ranges. These aging conditions cause a concentration and intensity of aromas and flavors, which further accentuate the unique personality of these bountiful wines. It was bottled on April 26 and 27, 2017.

History: The Moscatel Roxo variety was a few years ago an endangered variety. Considering that it originates Superior Quality wines, Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal, promoted the planting of the largest Moscatel Roxo vineyard in the world (4ha).

Tasting Notes: This wine has a dark topaz color, an intense, rich and complex aroma, with floral notes of orange blossom and roses, raisins, almonds and honey. In the mouth flavors identical to aromas over a well-balanced sweetness with good acidity and astringency – a combination with body, softness and good persistence.

Pairing: Appetizer, fresh, with a lemon peel, accompanied with desserts made with dark chocolate or simply as a digestive, with a good coffee.

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Weight 48 oz
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